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Basic Legislation | Complete Legislation | Glossary | Normative Resolutions | Organizational Norms
Basic Legislation
The basic legislation of the electrical sector was established over almost 70 years of history. It comprises articles of the Constitution, complementary and ordinary laws, decrees, inter-ministerial ordinances, ordinances of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and of the former National Department of Water and Electric Power (DNAEE), ANEEL and CONAMA resolutions. The Law of Concessions of Public Services of February 1995 and Law 9427/1996, which provide for the creation of ANEEL, are milestones of the modernization of the sector, configuring the government's withdrawal from the role of investor.
The legislation section includes daily-updated legislative acts and any amendments, re-enactments, corrections, inclusions, and revocations, made effective by the Center of Documentation.

Complete Legislation
Presents the Legislation of the Electrical Sector including the original texts and a search engine.

Normative Resolutions
The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency – ANEEL regularly issues and publishes, in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government, Resolutions directed at the activities of the electrical sector. These resolutions are numbered in sequence for each year and are of a normative character. They are regulatory acts of general interest or outreach, directed at the activities of the electrical sector with the object of establishing directives, obligations, tasks, conditions, limits, rules, procedures, requirements, or any other rights and duties of the agents and the users of this public service. On this page, only the resolutions of a normative nature are presented, the others can be found in the Virtual Library.

Organizational Norms
These are general procedures that fix regulatory standards with a view to guaranteeing the functioning and the ordering of the processes and work of the ANEEL Board of Directors in relation to: regulation and surveillance of electric-power services and installations; management and follow-up of the Agency’s decentralized activities; policy for the management of filed documents; information-security policy; Public Deliberative Sessions of the Board of Directors, etc.

This is a list, in alphabetical order, of technical terms of the electrical sector with over 300 entries and their respective definitions, used by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency – ANEEL and by professionals working in this field, and taken from the Resolutions issued by ANEEL, as well as laws, decrees etc.

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