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To add the items below, simply click with the right mouse button on the link and select the Copy Shortcut option. After that, go to your RSS reader program and look for the include feed or channel option, hit the Ctrl+Vkey or select Paste after clicking on the right mouse button over the inclusion field.

(The links below have not been developed to open on your browser, only for RSS readers. Errors may occur on traditional browsers. See the instructions for use on the description above).

RSS – Boletim Energia -
RSS – Notícias de Página Inicial -
RSS – Últimas Notícias -
RSS - Reuniões Públicas -
RSS – First Page News (English) -

The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology uses the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) language and permits the internaut to automatically receive Web content as soon as it is updated on the Internet, in order to be notified in real time about information from preferred sites.

The importance of this resource lies on the fact that it is no longer necessary to access the site of your choice to check the new information. All you need is an RSS reader installed in your computer and the content will be sent to you in XML format every time it is updated.

In general, the RSS tool permits receiving all updates from the chosen sites on the moment they take place, in a fast and synchronized manner.

To use RSS it is necessary to install programs or aggregators capable of reading and indexing texts in XML format.

These reading tools make information available about the news item received, such as: title, exact address of the information, date and author. The RSS reader is frequently updated to show the most recent content.

Thus, the internaut interested in getting the news in real time should include the site's link, also known as feed, which contains information stored in the XML extension in the aggregator.

Below we have a list of aggregators (RSS readers), either free or not, available in the Internet.

The content aggregators insert the feeds or channels of the sites determined by the internaut. These programs will work like an e-mail reader.

Every time the software synchronizes the RSS feeds, it will show the updated information with their titles according to the frequency determined at the configuration time.

Some examples of aggregators available on the Internet are:

Feed Reader (Free and Windows)
Sharp Reader (Free)
RSS Reader (Free)
Feed Demon (30-day trial version – Windows)
Net News Wire (Free – Mac OS X)
News Gator (14-day trial  version – Works aggregated to Microsoft Outlook)

*1st Step
After installing the chosen aggregator, you can see that in general these readers have a very similar format: The added channels, or feeds, appear on the left of the screen. The titles of the recent news items appear at the upper right corner, and right below a short summary of the headline is shown. When you click on it you will be directed to the complete content on the web.

*2nd Step
To insert the information channel in your aggregator, go to “Subscribed Feeds” or “Add New Feed”.

Example: To receive the Energy Newsletter in real time, click with the right mouse button on the “RSS-Boletim Energia” link (all details are in the beginning of this page) and choose the Copy Shortcut option. Then, in your RSS program, paste the link in the Add new feed (Feed Reader) window, or on “Address” (in the Sharp Reader, you still need to click on “Subscribe”). This instruction will vary according to the chosen aggregator.

*3rd Step
Whenever you wish to add new RSS channels in your reader, simply repeat step 2.

It is important to remember that these RSS channels will only be accepted if the text files are in XML format.

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